Good of the Union – Please see the GoFundMe Page for Retiree Clint Poluck

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Good of the Union:

At every membership meeting we set aside some time to talk about our members and any significant events that have happened to them. We offer congratulations on retirements, promotions, and share condolences on losses of loved ones, or illnesses and injuries.

We’d like to take a moment to share with everyone the unfortunate accident that happened to Clint Poluck while at home last year. Clint broke his neck and as a result is paralyzed. His family and peers at work have put together a GoFundMe page for him to help renovate his house in order to accommodate his paralysis.

Clint worked for Waste & Recycling services for close to 30 years. He was a Collection Operator and then the last few years of his career he was a Trainer. He retired in 2017 and last year was his first Retirement Banquet.

Clint, from all of your Brothers and Sisters at Local 37, we send you our best wishes in your recovery.