President’s Message

CUPEPresident's messages

Hello Sisters & Brothers,

We are so very proud of our members and the work we have been able to accomplish in these interesting times. There have been some challenges during this new pandemic world, but we seem to be holding our own.

I would just like to remind our members that we are expected to keep ourselves busy when our workload is less than normal. There have been some issues with time theft in some work units. This is a very serious violation of the City policy and the Local 37 collective agreement. We must remember to follow the collective agreement when taking our breaks.

The rest period for Local 37 remains the same:
One 20 minute rest period in the first half of a 9.5 hour shift and one 20 minute rest period in the second half of a 9.5 hour shift. In a 12 hour shift, we are allowed a 30 minute break in the first half and another 30 minutes in the second half of the shift, or three 20 minute breaks in the complete shift.

If we violate these policies, the consequences may lead to discipline, or even worse, termination. Please do not put yourselves in this position. We all want to do our work and go home safely at the end of our shift.

Thank you,

Cyril Wilson, President