President’s Message

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Hello Sisters & Brothers,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone, once again, that the province does not send out reminders to renew your driver’s licence.  So, please check your operator’s  permit to make sure it is not expired because we are still receiving notifications of members having expired licences.

I would also like to let the members know about the City of Calgary’s mandatory vaccination policy.  Since September 3rd, we have received a plethora of calls from our members in    regards to the announcement Mr. Duckworth made.  The Union has been in numerous  meetings with him and other managers to discuss this matter.  The City continues to work on a policy that will soon be forthcoming.

We have been letting the members know that CUPE National’s stance is that they recommend we all get the vaccine, and CUPE 37 recommends the same.  Members who have concerns regarding the vaccine can bring these forward to the City, and you may be accommodated if you provide proof of a medical condition or religious beliefs.  The Union will be here to protect our members when the time calls for it, and we will defend every member to our fullest.

Thank you,

Cyril Wilson, President