Meet Your Executive

Cyril WilsonPresident – Cyril Wilson

As of February 2015, I was elected in as the new President of our Local due to our previous President resigning as of January 13, 2015.  The election for the President position was held on March 5, 2016 and I was re-elected as President.

I have worked for The City of Calgary for over 30 years in the Waste & Recycling Services department.  Over these years, I have seen a lot of changes in this department as well as many others.

I was born in Nova Scotia in 1956 and moved to NW Calgary in 1958.  This is where I met my future wife in 1975 and we got married in 1979.  We have four beautiful children and 10 grandchildren.

I became involved in the Union when I had asked a Job Steward a question and it was suggested that I attend a Regular Membership meeting to get more information about the Union.  In 1990, I did just that and attended my first meeting that year and have been involved in the Union ever since.  I have been on the Executive for 16 years now, as a Trustee, Executive Member, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice President, and my latest position, as President.

As your President, I will ensure to do this job to the best of my ability and I will be available for all of our Members equally.

I can be reached in the office at 403-269-5333.

Thank You

Cyril Wilson, President

Recording Secretary – Charles Dustin Withers

I have worked for the City of Calgary in the Roads Department since 2009, but I have been aware of CUPE Local 37 all my life due to having a family member who works for the City of Calgary as well.  I became a Job Steward in late 2012 and since then I have been elected as the Chair of the Job Steward committee.  At the CUPE Alberta Convention I was also elected into the position of the Young Worker’s Vice President.

Jody Sallans_1Treasurer – Jody Sallans

I started with the City of Calgary in the spring of 1989; I was hired as a Driver/Labourer with the Streets Department. Now known as Roads.

I first got involved with CUPE 37 when I became a Job Steward in 1996. I then joined the in-house Occupational Health and Safety Committee in 2004.

In 2006 I was accepted by the members on the Municipal Employees Benefit Association of Calgary (MEBAC) board of directors, in 2009 I was elected to the Secretary’s position on the MEBAC Board. I am also on the Communications Committee for MEBAC and was a member of the Negotiations Committee for MEBAC for the previous 3 Negotiations.

In 2007 I was appointed to the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association’s (AMHSA) Board of Directors where I sat for a full 6-year term.

In 2008 I was elected to the Executive-at-Large Position by the members of CUPE Local 37 and in 2015 I was elected into the Sergeant-at-Arms position.

Scott_2014Vice President – Scott Cush

I started with sewers in 2001, moved through the department and have been in a backhoe on a construction crew for the past few years.  I have been active in my union since 2005 and have moved into roles with CUPE Alberta, and CUPE National.

If you are interested, I have started a blog (  I hope that information will trickle through the blog and you can rely on it for information, recommendations for union meetings, and events that will or have happened in my presence.  If you have a question, please contact me.  I am not perfect, but I believe that having your union work for you is a must.  Make me work for you!

Sergeant-at-Arms – Matthew Sjogren

Approaching 15 years of CUPE Local 37 membership. Confident, Experienced and Educated Job Steward. Trustworthy, Dependable and Transparent in all matters. Fighting for the future, friends and family of Local 37.



Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms – Laura Petrella

Ten years ago I moved here from Ontario and almost immediately started with the City of Calgary.  Since 2004 I have called the Calgary Zoo home and am proud to be part of the Local 37 family there as a Zookeeper.  I have quickly come to realize that working day and day out with a variety of dynamic, formidable and sometimes stubborn animals has in a way been great preparation for union life!

In 2014 I was elected as an Executive-at-Large and I had also joined the Social and OHS&E Committees and have been appointed as Recording Secretary for the Job Stewards Committee.  I hope that my learning experiences over the next few years will continue to foster a sense of activism for the labour movement in Canada and a dedication to this Union. I can be reached at

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms – Zachary Lawrence

I am presently an Executive-at-Large and I have been a Job Steward for six years now.  I am here for you to bridge the gap between Management and Employees.  I’m working towards a fair workplace and I  want to help and guide my fellow CUPE Local 37 Members.


Dave_KnudsenExecutive-at-Large – Dave Knudsen

I started with the City of Calgary in 2005 in the Waste & Recycling Services department and became a Job Steward in 2010.


Executive-at-Large – Alonni Pedneault

Currently, I am an Executive-at-Large and on the OHS&E Committee. It has been my pleasure to serve as a Job Steward for over 10 years and I have previously worked as Trustee and was on the Social Committee as well.

Executive-at-Large – Marcello Manzoni

-CUPE Local 37 Job Steward since 2017

-Formally a Trustee from May 2018 – March 2019

-CUPE Local 37 Social Committee Member Since January 2018

-CUPE AB APPAC (Anti-Privatization Political Action Committee) Member Since May 2018

-AFL (Alberta Federation of Labour) Committee Member Since February 2018

-Working for the Roads Maintenance Department of the City of Calgary Since April 2008

Executive-at-Large – Robin Orsulak

Ten year City employee and past Chair of the Calgary Stampede Volunteer Committee. I will listen to your concerns and be a firm and strong advocate for you.                                  


Executive-at-Large – Brad Smith

I have worked for the Roads’ Department since 2008. In 2018, I began volunteering with the Union as a Job Steward and Trustee. Since then, I have completed 8 courses.

Executive-at-Large – David Fawcett

I’ve worked for the City this last decade in the Waste and Recycling department.  I am a currently a Job Steward for CUPE Local 37 and have previously been a Union Trustee.



Trustee – Bill Stevenson
Trustee – Stuart Daniels
Trustee – Bill Hanycz


Job Stewards

If you would like to become a Job Steward in your department download the Selection of Job Steward Form.  You will need to get a minimum of six signatures from your co-worker’s to become a Job Steward.  Complete the form and drop it off at the Union Hall to complete your application.


CUPE Local 37’s List of Current Job Stewards:

STEPHANE FONTAINE Calgary Housing CH-East Maintenance
ANDREW MASON Facility Management FM-City Centre Site Ops
GEORDIE GALLANT Facility Management FM-Site Supervisor North
STANLEY HUGHES Fleet Services FS-Waste-Recycle Repair Facil
ALANA FELKER Calgary Parks PK-N and W Park Serv-Zone 1
SHELLEY RIED Calgary Parks PK-Nursery and Planting
JAMIE DOMSTAD Calgary Parks PK-Parks Nrth and Wst Seasonal
RAYMOND MACDONALD Calgary Parks PK-Parks Nrth and Wst Seasonal
VALERIE EDWARDS Calgary Zoo PR-Destination Africa
JENNIFER LONG Calgary Zoo PR-Destination Africa
TODD AVERILL CPS – Bureaus PS-Fleet Districts
DAN ROSENTRETER CPS – Bureaus PS-Vehicle Acquis and Set-up
ALONNI PEDNEAULT Calgary Recreation RC-Bauer-Bush-Foothills A-A Pk
DANIEL JUUL-HANSEN Calgary Recreation RC-Hendry-Viney-Renfrew A-A Pk
AARON ALLARD Calgary Recreation RC-Max Bell Ctr
BILL HANYCZ Calgary Recreation RC-McCall Lake GC Grounds
GORDON BOLEYCHUK Calgary Recreation RC-SLC Aquatic Services
JESSICA BOBOTAN Calgary Recreation RC-SWC Pool – Fitness Ctr
ELIZABETH TWEEDALE Calgary Recreation RC-SWC Pool – Fitness Ctr
OLIVER PEPLOWSKI Calgary Recreation RC-VSLC Aquatic Services
JOHN HARTUNG Roads RD-Administration and Finance
JEREMY LACHAPELLE Roads RD-Administration and Finance
MIKE FISHER Roads RD-Field Staff
COLIN SAMPSON Roads RD-Field Staff
ARTHUR BATOROWSKI Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
DAN BOUCHARD Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
STUART DANIELS Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
JACOB GILES Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
JAMAL HAYMOUR Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
MARCELLO MANZONI Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
RICHARD MCCARTHY Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
DON MONROE Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
CHRISTOPHER PENALOZA Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
BRAD SMITH Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
JAMES STOFFELS Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
ALBERTO TIRRI Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
DAFYDD URQUHART Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
DANIEL VAN Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
PAUL VARGIS Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
BATTISTA VERARDI Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
DUSTIN WITHERS Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
BRAD YONER Roads RD-Strategic Workforce Plng
MATTHEW SJOGREN Roads RD-Traffic Field Staff
KEVIN GALLEY Roads RD-Vehicle Equipment Training
FRANK WEST Roads RD-Vehicle Equipment Training
GEOFFREY GIBSON Supply Management SU-Mat Op-CS-Glenmore
GORDON ANDERSON Water Services WB-Calgro
ANTHONY TINGLE Water Services WB-Creek Maintenance-2
JOE SMITH Water Services WB-FO-Lift Stations
ERIC LOTOMSKI Water Services WB-FO-O and M DWD-1
SCOTT CUSH Water Services WB-FO-O and M WW-1
CHAD ENNIS Water Services WB-FO-Op Front Line-2
CHE ANTHONY Water Services WB-FO-Repair Maintenance DWD-3
BEKELA SMITH Water Services WB-Maintenance
GREG MARTIN Water Services WB-UCS Central C1
ROBERT DAUPHINAIS Waste & Recycling WR-Collection Support
CYRIL WILSON Waste & Recycling WR-Collection Support
JASON LANDRY Waste & Recycling WR-Commercial Collection
CHRISTOPHER ST. CROIX Waste & Recycling WR-Commercial Collection
DEAN COTTAM Waste & Recycling WR-East-Calgary-Landfill
RUSSELL DASH Waste & Recycling WR-East-Calgary-Landfill
ZACHARY LAWRENCE Waste & Recycling WR-East-Calgary-Landfill
CHRIS DAKIN Waste & Recycling WR-Programs
KAROL RYBAK Waste & Recycling WR-Programs
MIKE BARRELL Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 1
DAVID FAWCETT Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 2
DAVID KNUDSEN Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 2
JAMES TROTTIER Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 2
AARON YOUNG Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 2
JOHN ANDRE Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 3
DARCY PERRAULT Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 3
DUVAL POUNALL Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 3
DONALD SABADKA Waste & Recycling WR-Residential Collect Dist 3
SARAH MACDOUGALL Waste & Recycling WR-Spyhill-Landfill
KYLE MOSBY Waste & Recycling WR-Spyhill-Landfill
BRENT CAMPBELL Canadian Rockies
DARRELL CLEMENT Heritage Park Society
HOWARD FINAN Heritage Park Society
GENE THOMSON Town of Canmore
COLE KELLER Town of Irricana
KENT BROERE Town of Vulcan
Last Updated July 2019


Committee Contacts:


  • Scott Cush
  • Jody Sallans


  • Cyril Wilson
  • Scott Cush


  • Alonni Pedneault
  • Brad Smith


  • Matthew Sjogren
  • Andrew Mason


  • Jody Sallans
  • Cyril Wilson


  • Jody Sallans


  • Zach Lawrence
  • Cyril Wilson


  • Elizabeth Tweedale


  • Zach Lawrence
  • Cyril Wilson

Our History

Local 37 was first chartered on August 13, 1917, as the Civic Employees Federal Labour Union No. 37, under the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada.

Our first officers were:

  • F. Stevens – President
  • G.F. Moore – Vice President
  • J.S. Whitely – Recording Secretary
  • W. Hincelwood – Secretary/Treasurer

Over time, the Trades and Labor Congress became the National Union of Public Employees, which subsequently merged with the National Union of public Service Employees to form the Canadian Union of Public Employees in 1963. Local 37 was chartered with CUPE on September 24, 1963. Local 37 has had two job actions in its history – a wildcat strike in 1974 over wages, and a legal strike in 1978 that lasted 55 days. The main issue in the 1978 strike was to maintain gross wages while working a compressed work week.

When the economy tanked in the early 1980’s, Local 37 members were re-deployed in 1984 for about 3 months. Since then, no permanent employee in Local 37’s jurisdiction has been laid off due to lack of work.

Today, CUPE Local 37 represents more than 3000 members providing excellence in public service.


CUPE 37 is affiliated to:

City of Calgary and Sub-Locals Information

CUPE Local 37 represents the City of Calgary Outside Workers and the following Sub-Locals:

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